The list of possible topics for the current academic year are the following (more can be added if needed):

#1. Exploring the Intel Smart Edge Open solution

The Intel Smart Edge Open ( , previously known as OpenNESS, is a recent initiative to facilitate the development of applications and network functions for the edge with cloud-like agility. From the project presentation, it is made by a cloud-native software toolkit that enables highly optimized and performance edge platforms across a heterogeneous network. This project aims at exploring what is Intel Smart Edge Open, what it does, and hand-on examples of this software toolkit running in a real (lab) environment.

Students: XXX; tutor: Fulvio Risso

#2. The Cloudfare DDoS mitigation architecture

Cloudfare is a company whose business is guaranteeing that Internet services (e.g., web servers) remains available, also in case of massive outages such as DDoS attacks. This project aims at exploring how the Cloudfare architecture works, with a special look at how their dataplane solutions, based on eBPF, manage to achieve such a massive scale.

Student: XXX; tutor: Fulvio Risso

#3. The Intel Infrastructure Processing Strategy

SmartNICs, i.e., network interface cards that include additional highly programmable logic for dataplane acceleration, could become very important in the coming years, and we are assisting into a marked consolidation with many small players (i.e., startups) being acquired by big companies (e.g., Barefoot from Intel; Pensando from AMD; Mellanox from nVidia). This project aims at exploring what is the Intel Infrastructure Processing Strategy (, which was previously known as Mount Evans (, what it does, and which implications has into both datacenter and edge contexts.

Student: Luca Rocco (303408), Francesco Barletta (296114); tutor: Fulvio Risso